Sophie & Matt

03 Feb 2016

In November 2015, we were lucky enough to host the wedding reception of Sophie & Matt. Their whole day was so spectacular, that we just HAD to share it with you... here is what they had to say.


Sophie & Matt


We loved your crisp autumn/winter wedding style and colours, were these elements something you particularly had in mind when choosing a venue?



We hadn't initially planned for a winter wedding at all! We had always imagined an April/May wedding complete with plenty of hessian and bunting! However, the first time we came to view Hyde Barn was in November 2013 and we instantly loved the cosy, warm feel of the place, complete with the fabulous fairy lights strung up on the gorgeous wooden beams.



It was only when my sister (an events planner herself) suggested a "winter wedding" that we seriously considered it and the ideas began to flow. The time of year also took so much pressure off having the perfect sunny weather that everyone hopes for on their big day.



The weather on the day for us was far from ideal but we had made plans for this and once we arrived at the barn with a glass of Prosecco in hand, we didn't even notice the gale force winds and torrential rain going on outside! It made for some great photos as well!



The Hyde Barn team were lucky enough to meet the Pearce/Riding clan several times throughout your wedding planning process, so we know that you are a very tight knit family! What was the biggest benefit of having the family around to support your planning?


The team at Hyde barn were always so willing for us to come and view the barn whenever we needed to in the months running up to the wedding. This allowed for Matt's family, in particular, to really get a feel for the place as they don't live locally - Lancashire to be precise!



It was really important for us to have our family involved in the planning of our day as everyone provided their own great ideas, from tangerine coloured ribbons on the wedding car and personalised rock on the sweetie table (paying homage to Matt's Blackpool roots). To old family photos on display from our parents' and grandparents' weddings...



And of course, our turquoise VW campervan, Mrs Hoskins, to transport us from the church to the venue - luckily the AA didn't have to be called at any point during the day!



We were also really lucky to have had free reign of the barn the day before in order to set up. A great opportunity to enlist the help of lots of willing family and friends to put the perfect finishing touches to our venue!



The dress!! Jaw dropping! Did it take you long to find something that suited the season so perfectly?



Not at all! It was roughly the fifth or sixth dress I tried on in the first shop I visited! The moment I put it on my mum and bridesmaids all agreed that it was the type of dress they had pictured me in. I carried on trying a few more but quickly became disinterested in everything else but that original dress!



The moment I put it back on I knew this was the dress I wanted to get married in, I felt like how I thought a bride should feel. And on the day I certainly did; with the help of a few finishing touches such as my sister's veil, my grandma's engagement ring, and grandad's six pence in my shoe!


And the Men’s suits all fitted so well with your wedding styling. Did Matt pick his own, or was this something that Sophie had a hand in?

Matt always knew what he wanted to wear for the wedding, it certainly helped that I also approved of his choice! It was great to see our dads getting fully involved in the dressing up too!



However, we would always recommend getting the suits sorted in plenty of time - having 2 ushers with an average height of 6 foot 6 inches made for some very swift last minute alterations 48 hours prior to the big day!


The Vyne String Quartet who played throughout the drinks reception and wedding breakfast were fantastic, was music an important part in the day for you?


We first saw the Vyne String Quartet at Hyde barn's Wedding Inspiration Day and after listening to a few songs from their vast repertoire we booked them there and then! We loved their classic style with a modern twist and had a great time seeing our friends and family's reactions to guessing their favourite songs.

Two of our guests particularly enjoyed hearing a song playing that they had walked down the aisle to approx 2 years before!



What were your thoughts when choosing your menu and drinks options?



Matt and I are both big foodies! So the menu choice was always going to be a hard one for us! The menu tasting evening we attended at Hyde House definitely helped in narrowing down our options! We always said we wanted something warm and comforting to fit with our theme, so what better than a traditional roast with all the trimmings followed by a huge bowl of steaming crumble and custard... I only wish my dress was slightly looser to allow me to eat every delicious morsel!



The Hyde barn staff were also great at allowing us to tailor our drinks package, with the option of prosecco or pink fizz (or both!!), and a barrel of locally sourced ale behind the bar to satisfy our northern guests!!!


What was your defining moment of the day?



It's so hard to pick just one thing, as the whole day itself was a defining moment! However, being able to have all of our friends and family in one place was great, as well as the fabulous talents they all offered... From our awesome wedding cake, made by a lovely neighbour and friend, to a simply amazing wedding DJ who ensured the dance floor was full for the entire night... To name a few!



The venue looked exactly as we had imagined and wanted it to! The weather may have been less than perfect, but we couldn't have asked for the day to have gone any better. Thank you so much to the amazing team at Hyde Barn who made the daunting task of planning a wedding a truly enjoyable one - we can't recommend them enough!



A huge thank you to the fantastic Rob Tarren Photography for providing these stunning photographs. Though his work speaks for himself, we can highly recommend him too!



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